Ras Al Khaimah's
Investment Opportunities

Partner with Marjan to enrich Ras Al Khaimah

Private Placement

Opportunity to enter into a private placement alongside Marjan, whereby the investor contributes equity for a real estate asset development.

Ideal for private investors and high net worth individuals.

Our Role
  1. Identify suitable project and plot of land with full feasibility studies with calculated returns
  2. Create Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for the project with shareholding.
  3. Create a board of directors reporting to shareholders to oversee the SPV.
  4. Agree with board of directors on project development.
  5. Agree with board of directors on development budget, payment plan and pro forma.
  6. Appoint development company to complete the project on budget and within the agreed time frame.
  7. Appoint company to operate the project.
Investor Role
  1. Provide documents to support creditworthiness.
  2. Agree on equity contribution from shareholders.
  3. Participate in shareholders’ meetings.
  4. Support board of directors in decision making.
Expected Returns

Equity IRR for
3-star hotel


Equity IRR for
4-star hotel


Equity IRR for
5-star hotel

Development Size
Million USD

Development Budget for 3-star hotel (excl. land)

Million USD

Development Budget for 4-star hotel (excl. land)

Million USD

Development Budget for 5-star hotel (excl. land)

Marjan is the leading master developer for freehold land in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, offering ample development and investment opportunities with 100% foreign ownership and tax benefits.

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