Ras Al Khaimah's
Investment Opportunities
Land Sale

Opportunity for land acquisition for a variety of uses including hotel, residential, retail, leisure or mixed – use development.

Ideal for existing or new developers.

Our Role
  1. Provide land plot suitable for development depending on investor’s requirements.
  2. Agree with investor on development rights including land uses and Gross Floor Area (GFA).
  3. Approve design for the subject development.
  4. Agree with investor on hand over date and completion date of the development.
Investor Role
  1. Provide documents to support creditworthiness.
  2. Agree with Marjan on commercial terms for the subject land plot.
  3. Agree with Marjan on a completion date of the project.
  4. Obtain the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities to develop the project.
  5. Organize financing.
  6. For hotel development identify a reputable operator to manage the development once the project is complete and operational.
Expected Returns
16% Equity IRR for
hospitality assets

20% to 30% Equity IRR for residential
developments for sale.

Development Size
30 Million USD
100+ Million USD

Approximate development budget (excl. land) for hospitality developments ranges from USD 30 million to over USD 100 million depending on the star rating and number of hotel keys.